Golden Goose Ball Star Saldi

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The attacking midfielder is tipped as the next big star to come off the Seixal academy conveyor belt. Rejected by Porto as a kid, he joined Benfica in 2015 and such has been his progress that the northerners will surely rue a bad mistake. Last season Felix clocked up six goals in 19 matches for Benfica B, which play in Portugal’s second tier.

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Il successo è immediato, tanto che nel 1998 presenta la collezione maschile alPalazzo Pitti di Firenze. I primi anni del 2000 sono anni di consacrazione, nel 2002 vince l’Oscar della Moda come “Miglior Nuovo Stilista Donna” e nel 2004 come “Miglior Stilista della Nuova Femminilità”. Gli anni che seguono sono di silenzio creativo, un silenzio che in molti si affrettano, prematuramente, a definire definitivo.

I must say that your program is the only show I regularly watch on television, period. That’s really the highest praise I can give you: in the vast wasteland that is broadcast television, your program stands out as the only one in my mind where intelligent, thoughtful, and concerned individuals actually discuss what is really going on in our country, its economy, political life, and culture. I owe you a profound debt of gratitude for that as do so many others..

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