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Times, Sunday Times (2010)Ant says: ‘He was practising the accent all the fing time! The Sun (2015)Will hosts Ant and Dec help rein in his antics? The Sun (2012)What better birthday present could one ask for than a party hosted by Ant and Dec? The Sun (2016)But how would hosts Ant and Dec cope if they were dumped in the jungle? The Sun (2010)There’s an ants’ nest under a stone by the drain. Times, Sunday Times (2013)TV presenters Ant and Dec have splashed out millions on matching holiday homes. The Sun (2015)HOW can I get rid of red ants in my lawn? The Sun (2013).

Yet in the long run would a wider sense of mutual understanding make us safer? Times, Sunday Times (2017)That means you have space out wide and are able to get in more crosses. The Sun (2016)What stood out was from how far and wide they came. The Sun (2016)These men brought a wide variety of styles and philosophies.

2306KbAbstractL’importanza degli oli vegetali aumenta di anno in anno, essendo utilizzati quotidianamente sia nell’alimentazione, come alternativa a quelli di origine animale, sia dall’industria lipochimica che, scindendo i trigliceridi dell’olio ottiene glicerolo e acidi grassi utilizzabili dall’industria chimica come materiale di base per produrre svariati composti. Il colza, merita particolare interesse per la sua destinazione come pianta oleifera, poiché risulta al terzo posto nella produzione mondiale di olio, preceduta solo da palma e soia. Il colza appartiene alla famiglia delle Brassicaceae, ed è sempre stata presente allo stato spontaneo in tutta Europa.

They contend that there is a twofold application of these three doctrinal terms an actual application for those who believe, a provisional application for those who die in unbelief. The historic point or consistent Calvinist2 asserts that these terms have no substitutionary reference with respect to the non elect. In contrast to the former who hold to an indefinite atonement, the consistent Calvinist, who holds to a definite atonement, sees no purpose, benefit or comfort in a redemption that does not redeem, a propitiation that does not propitiate or a reconciliation that does not reconcile, which would be the case if these terms were applicable to the non elect (‘Propitiation in 1 John 2:2’)..

The Sun (2008)He has brown hair and flushed cheeks and a face at once mischievous and ethereal. Times, Sunday Times (2013)My cheeks and forehead were the worst affected. The Sun (2010)Slice two cheeks off the lemon to serve with the fish and add a squeeze of lemon to the mayo.