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It is preferable either to use different from: this result is only slightly different from that obtained in the US or to rephrase the sentence: this result differs only slightly from that in the USCollins English Dictionary. The Sun (2016)We were a double act yet also two very different people. The Sun (2016)You can always improve in different aspects.

These are all different forms of racism. When I look at Sarah Palin I feel nauseated by what she represents. Her patriotism is a mask for her parties xenophobic beliefs and even the media, whether intentional or not, has bought into it. We are ready to turn your ideas into finished products. Our products are mainly used for family leisure or promotion. The quality of our products and service is the reason that our main retailers in Europe, Asia and America keep close cooperation with us..

The Sun (2016)It also promises something no other Indian national park does: a walking safari. Times, Sunday Times (2017)The good life does not seem quite so good as promised. Christianity Today (2000)She would cajole family members with promises of help and milk and sugar.

Una meditazione che connette il respiro e il corpo è l’ideale per la cura di sé, in quanto permette al corpo di sollevarsi durante l’inspiro e di alleggerirsi e lasciare andare durante l’espiro. Tendo a rimanere più a lungo in quelle posizioni in cui il corpo sta bene o che sento che necessita di maggiore attenzione. Mi dà l’opportunità di controllare cosa stia accadendo dentro di me, corpo e mente nella sua interezza.

Siamo profondamente grati a Gucci, nostro partner di lunga data, per essersi unito a noi e a Beyoncé, attraverso il suo progetto BeyGOOD, per contribuire a cambiare la vita dei bambini del Burundi per sempre. Grazie a questa collaborazione potremo offrir loro la possibilità di imparare, giocare, prosperare e aspirare ad una vita migliore per loro stessi e per le loro famiglie ha dichiarato Caryl M. Stern, Presidente e CEO di Unicef USA..

Christopher Hibbert DISRAELI: A Personal History (2004)As so often in politics, the public esteem turned out to be temporary. Times, Sunday Times (2014)Because these days, they are all lumped together and held in such low esteem. The Sun (2015)Some of my most esteemed journalistic colleagues have gone into battle against each other.

Optimal acquisition time is found to be at about 30 seconds, while the optimal optical configuration is found to be when the between the collimating lens and the plain mirror SP1 is about 10.8 cm. Small thermal drifts are found to be present in the dataset and in future they will be accounted for. Future work will involve development of the multipass cell and its general optimization and validation.