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Under the reign of Emperor Charles IV in the second half of the 14th century, the Bohemian Kingdom became the center of the Holy Roman Empire, with Prague as its capital, ushering in the kingdom’s golden era. Under his enlightened and largely peaceful reign, royal investment into Czech institutions, culture, education, and infrastructure received royal patronage. Among some of those gifted with Charles IV’s personal and financial support (many of which today bear the emperor’s name) were Prague’s Charles Bridge, Charles University, its New Town, St.

And generally connote great distance [the altitude of an airplane, the elevation of a mountain]; stature refers especially to the height of a human being standing erect [he was short in stature]Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition. The Sun (2016)He covered ten yards with three big strides to gain maximum height from the jump off his strongest leg. The Sun (2016)We haven’t hit the same heights.

Christmas (Vnoce), 24 25 December: Czechs begin celebrating this holiday on Christmas Eve and continue to celebrate until the 26th (the Feast of Stephen). Presents are placed under a Christmas tree by Jeek (Baby Jesus), as little children believe, and taken after dinner on Christmas Eve. Potato salad with carp is the traditional Christmas meal, and for this reason one can see live carp being sold out of huge tanks throughout the streets of Czech cities and towns just before Christmas..

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Group (Geophysics and Space Research), Berlin Heidelberg, Springer. Spitler. (2000), A Preliminary Assessment of the Effects of Ground Water Flow on Closed Loop Ground Source Heat Pump Systems. 1796KbAbstractIl tirocinio è stato svolto presso il CED del Comune di Feltre dal 8 marzo 2010 al 8 agosto 2010, per un totale di 500 ore. Del tirocinio era il seguente: migrazione del sistema GIS comunale da un’architettura basata su software proprietari ad una basata su software open source. Nuova architettura è stata sviluppata da una ditta esterna, ma delle operazioni di integrazione e migrazione se ne occupano i dipendenti del CED del Comune di Feltre.