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As a consecuence, the farms fall into decay and bankruptcy, agricultural production plummets, famine and starvation begin to engulf the country, and guess what? The government applies for foreign food aid! From the very countries from which the evicted (if not killed, like in Zimbabwe) white farmers originated! Isn’t this funny?For all the Black Africans: stop blaming all your problems on colonialism. This is long gone, and you had plenty of time to fix the problems generated by it. If you are not capable of electing competent governors who could get you out of poverty, then nothing can be done for you.

Silent Spring continues to be worthy of our attention because it marks an important moment in history, just as Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin and John Muir’s Our National Parks do. The examples and arguments it contains are timeless lessons of the kind we need to reexamine. They are also timely, because the battle Rachel Carson helped to lead on behalf of the environment is far from won..

Times, Sunday Times (2016)We sit together all the time and laugh and joke. The Sun (2016)Their families had gone there together in the school summer holidays. The Sun (2016) Taken together with the loss of classical civilisation and history of art, we are seeing this exam board in effect deleting culture from its curriculum.

7. Avoid or name calling. You are not dealing with your child character at this stage, but with his/her behaviour. Times, Sunday Times (2015)He wanted us to choose careers that fired our imaginations. Times, Sunday Times (2009)For example it could include a chose in action. Times, Sunday Times (2015)She could not understand the concept of popular will and therefore chose to ignore an increasingly strident voice.

Si può non esser d’accordo con il codice morale e deontologico della Spinelli (peraltro seguito da tutta la stampa occidentale) e non mettere in pratica le sue esortazioni. Ma addirittura accusare noi d’una nefasta faziosità rivendicando a proprio favore titoli di merito verso il governo, questo è un doppio salto mortale che da te e dal tuo giornale francamente non mi aspettavo. A tal punto è dunque arrivato il potere di intimidazione che il governo esercita sulla libera stampa?.

You are gold, baby, solid gold! Che valiamo molto, moltissimo, sarebbe bene ricordarlo a noi stesse ogni mattina. Dicendocelo allo specchio, per esempio, mentre ci prepariamo ad affrontare la giornata. E indossando delle scarpe alla nostra altezza, per camminare a passo sicuro e a testa alta, fiere delle nostre conquiste.