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If you want to see these people in action, live, see the report on Today Tonight, ‘Teenage God squad’ (Yahoo!7 News). Viewing these images caused me some concern. It is typical of some of the scenes I have seen in Pentecostal and charismatic churches with people falling and lying spread out on the floor after ‘falling under the Spirit’..

Capitolo 4 si è cercato di spiegare in che modo l’inquinamento luminoso si propaga nell’atmosfera. Per descrivere tale propagazione esistono diversi modelli (Garstang 1989, Aubè 2007, Cinzano 2012); di questi modelli si è scelto di descrivere quello proposto da Aubè. Capitolo 5 si sono descritti i principali dispositivi usati nell’illuminazione pubblica e privata.

Viene data attribuzione a testi e immagini laddove l sia riconoscibile. Qualora la loro pubblicazione violi dei diritti vogliate comunicarcelo per una pronta rimozione. La condivisione degli articoli di questo sito è concessa purchè venga data corretta attribuzione e non per scopi commerciali..

If America can allow such spectacle of American immorality for the world to watch; then what gives us the right to dictate Taliban in Afghanistan what they can do or can’t in their country? Why Talibans can’t demand decency and decorum from their women in traditional patriarchal society? We in America stopped demanding that from women here in the name of feminism (thanks to corporate greed; glorified as capitalism) and have seen the consequences of it in terms of all social evils like, high divorce rates, pedophilia, juvenile problems, drug addiction, homosexuality, low population growth so much so that we have to continuously import people just like commodities from the world; the scales of social justice is already so much tilted in favor of women, gays and children that normal men are at complete disadvantage in American society. That is why we have mail order brides in US but no mail order groom shops here. Ever wondered why Iraq war has already outlasted WWII by a year as of March 2010 and in March 2010 Afghanistan war will become the longest American war? Who are fighting for us? Men want to rush home to hot cooked meal with woman waiting at the table..

Times, Sunday Times (2007)They were given safe passage and had since vanished. Times, Sunday Times (2008)One long passage gives relationship advice apparently learnt from the success of his second marriage. Times, Sunday Times (2015)They urged both to respect international humanitarian law and allow them free passage.