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1749KbAbstractNel corso degli ultimi decenni si è potuto assistere all’estesa diffusione di strumenti di comunicazione che sfruttano il World Wide Web, ovvero la rete di connessioni mondiale. Questi mezzi di comunicazione sono definiti, in maniera generica, con il termine di Social Media, includendo così tutte le piattaforme che permettono lo scambio di informazioni online, dando la possibilità a tutte le persone che posseggono una connessione ad Internet di comunicare in modi diversi. Tra gli esempi di Social Media vanno collocati i Social Networks, delle finestre mediatiche che sfruttano il mondo online per raccontare le esperienze delle persone attraverso la pubblicazione di foto, video, immagini o frasi, fornendo anche una serie di dati sensibili, relativi a chi decide di condividere in questa realtà di “amicizie virtuali” la sua vita quotidiana.

One can debate whether or not Woods should have taken up the cause of Women’s Rights at Augusta, as a minority/person of color. The problem is when ignorant people make snap judgments about who i am as a person based on what they perceive my “identity” to be (w/out getting to know me), especially if those people are in positions of power or influence. Nikki was not saying tiger woods is “black, period” b/c she herself believes his black heritage is the only valid part of his ancestry; she was making the point that this is how any ignorant person would perceive him on the street, especially if he weren’t a celebrity, and certain treatment may or may not accompany that perception.

About the end of 1912 our Dutch teacher, who was a German, came smiling into our class one day and told us that the Germans had invented a new gas bomb which when it exploded would kill everyone within a mile. The whole class stood up and as one man simply walked out and refused to attend Dutch class right through to the end of term. We used to play soccer during the Dutch period.

Times, Sunday Times (2006)We need to get ahead of the curve. Times, Sunday Times (2015)Yoga was a wonder cure for her curved spine and changed her life. The Sun (2016)Cutting a curved edge into large paving units always looks awkward to me. “There are structures and systems that have created poverty and have made that poverty so permanent that, until we think in a more just way about how to deal with poverty in this country, we’re never going to make the progress that Dr. King envisioned. We have a criminal justice system that’s very wealth sensitive.

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