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” Honestly I just thought she was crazy and remember if we rewind about ten years ago, the industry was no where near where is it today. She was like “I’m a plus sized model.” And I was like “What do you mean? What is a plus sized model? I really thought she was crazy. I ended up getting scouted by the photographer at that shoot.

Times, Sunday Times (2014)Tomorrow’s elections were supposed to be chiefly about Europe but they are now also about what is acceptable to say or not to say. Times, Sunday Times (2014)It was a memorable innings, although he will remember it chiefly for the five runs he did not make rather than the 95 he did. Times, Sunday Times (2012)To be sure, this is a most important branch of our work, and the work for which we are chiefly.

At 32, Rooney is of comparable age to other global stars Thierry Henry (32), David Villa (33), David Beckham (32), Robbie Keane (30) and Bastian Schweinsteiger (32) when they joined MLS, all of whom were huge contributors to their respective teams. But having been playing first team football at a high level since the age of 16, Rooney seems to have a bit less tread remaining on the tires than even Schweinsteiger, whose age and durability were significant concerns when he signed with the Chicago Fire last season. The German World Cup winner has since proved the doubters wrong and has been a key player for the Fire since his arrival.

So do you need an early reader bookshelf at home? Definitely! It is important for kids to own their own books and to have fun reading at their fingertips. If you still have them, pull out some of those toddler books that have pictures and simple words. They are established favorites, but now your daughter can read them and use them to build a word bank of sight words.

Ante Rebic should be at the top of some shopping listsQuite rightly, Luka Modric got the lion’s share of praise and indeed the Golden Ball for his performances in Russia. But not far behind him on the list of reasons for Croatia’s unlikely progression to the final was the performance of their wingers.Ivan Perisic has been well known for some time and, strictly in terms of a transfer target, at 29 he might be a little old to spend the that Inter Milan were asking last summer when Manchester United were chasing him. However, Ante Rebic could be another option.A bull of a wideman, Rebic is 24 and has just signed a permanent deal at Eintracht Frankfurt having spent a couple of seasons on loan there.

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