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Quando nove anni fa le diagnosticarono il tumore al seno, la celebre sociologa americana Barbara Ehrenreich si trovò per la prima volta faccia a faccia con il fantastico mondo del pensiero positivo, quello secondo cui per sconfiggere malattie o avversità è indispensabile inforcare gli occhiali rosa dell’armonia universale. E non la garbò affatto. Così, lungi dal prendere con filosofia new age le terapie prescritte dai medici, si mise a lavorare sulla nuova religione dell’ottimismo dilagata negli Stati Uniti all’inizio degli anni Novanta e culminata nell’irrefrenabile euforia finanziaria che avrebbe condotto alla crisi economica..

Landfills and the natural environment are the final destinations for more than three quarters of non degradable plastic trash, according to a new global estimate. If current trends in plastic production and waste management continue, the plastic debris housed in landfills and natural environments currently 4.9 billion metric tons will more than double by 2050, scientists reported Wednesday in Science Advances. “We’re making enormous quantities of plastic and we’re not very good at plastic waste management.

The Sun (2010)The trial was to discover how astronauts control remote systems on other planets. The Sun (2016)Now they are taking the genre to another planet. Times, Sunday Times (2013)The attempt to persuade people that they have a duty to save the planet is not working.

Pollution, extermination, pesticides, toxins and over development and more have created a world that is deaf, dumb and blind to our need to connect with a natural world and to live in harmony with each other and with our environment. Two words: Animal rights would turn our world upside down. Suddenly we couldn do the things we are doing right now.

The metabolism of testosterone by the periwinkle (Littorina littorea) in vitro and in vivo: effects of tributyltin. Mar Environ Res 42, 161 166. Cerca con Google. I really liked painting and the feeling that with drawing you can create your own reality from scratch: in photography you have to start from something that already there even if you compose a photo collage and create something out of your own imagination, the core material is reality, bits of existing things. This to me is at once the strength and the weakness of photography: painting is a lonely art, it is much harder to see the world and experience other people reality when you paint you are physically stuck to your canvas. Photography for me is a way of experiencing things, a way of living: it allows me to get involved in situations that I would have never experienced otherwise, and challenges me to try and understand them and translate them into images..

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