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This group has come to a working definition of mental health: The capacity to integrate. And I’ve been playing with extrapolating that to larger systems and asking “How does a healthy system integrate the forces of standardization and differentiation?” In corporations, we see the same thing that we see in school systems and governments that healthy systems, as far as we can understand them, are stable, adaptable, flexible, and energized (It spells SAFE). Organic systems are always seeking to balance all four of those conditions..

But has this World Cup shown that being a little more imaginative when it comes to position doesn’t have to be a risk?Most of the England team essentially played slightly out of position: Kyle Walker isn’t usually a centre back; Jesse Lingard doesn’t usually play in a midfield three; Kieran Trippier is an occasional wing back. Elsewhere, Benjamin Pavard has played much of his career as a centre back but impressed on the right with France; Diego Laxalt is usually a midfielder for Genoa but did well at left back for Uruguay; even winger Nacer Chadli did OK as a wing back a couple of times for Belgium.Of course, managers should beware of too much experimentation and of being too clever for their own good, but this World Cup has shown that positions should not be set in stone.5. It might be time to ditch the obsession with possessionLast season, the top six sides in the Premier League possession table also happened to be the top six sides in the actual table Manchester City had 66.4 percent of the ball over the season but at the World Cup, those figures were reversed: none of the top six in the ball retention stats reached the semifinals, two went out at the group stage and another two in the first knockout round.France had the ball 49.6 percent of the time, so it’s worth considering that if the world champions had the ball for marginally less time than they didn’t, whether possession is not quite as desirable as many in the Premier League think?There are obvious caveats: again, the sample size must be considered; the dynamics of club and international football are different; the bigger Premier League teams often can’t help but have more of the ball because of how smaller sides play against them.

Come spesso accade le vecchie ballate prendono nuova vita alla luce di eventi più attuali come può essere accaduto per Rocks of Bawn così Sweeney potrebbe essere statoPeter (Peadar) Sweeney (1873 1922), Loughrea, contea di Galway. Was very good friends with Arthur Griffith, and was one of the original founders of the Sinn Fein Movement. He spent the early part of the 19th century extremely active in the Loughrea area, in his cause for Home Rule.

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