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This is the reinterpretation of the old pagan festival Beltane, influenced by the Catholic inquisition. As some Czechs prefer witches over the inquisitors, in many fires no witches are burnt, and the feast is celebrated in a more original pagan way witches are those who should celebrate the night, not be burnt. It doesn’t stop jokes like “Honey, hide or you will be burnt tonight!”.

Work definitely plays upon the newly romanticized view of nature as this pure, beautiful, and distant world. Nature in art has steadily increased since the acceptance of global warming, deforestation, and the greater understanding of the human influences on delicate ecosystems. Nature has become the number one concern in several parts of the world and to me personally.

Travelers have now entered a “green” phase and ‘slow tourism’ is definitely the travel trend of the moment. The aim of the ‘slow tourist’ is to make their traveling experience totally authentic. And to do so, they interact with the host community and discover local traditions.

The Sun (2012)I had two with my fourth cup of coffee. The Sun (2013)It was the fourth equal fastest time in history, but has there been a more glorious quartet to watch? Times, Sunday Times (2012)TWO goals, three points and fourth place. Times, Sunday Times (2014)What price trust of any sort, then, in the fourth century? The Times Literary Supplement (2012)I had another smear test my fourth and yet again the results were abnormal.

Then there arerelatively big players like Bath West Community Energy whose plan is to raise 10 million over the next 3 years to fund more local renewable energy projects. There’s innovation in addressing our housing crisis as shown by DotDotDot Property, who place ‘property guardians’ in London’s empty buildings to provide a service to the owner, while the guardians get an affordable place to live and volunteer in exchange, so making a meaningful and measurable contribution to the communities where they live. And at the very practical Uig Community Shop, in Scotland, you’ll not only find your weekly shop but a launderette, a post office, a meeting room and a spot to have a coffee and a chat.

I produced survival curves and described how and parameters change with increasing time after irradiation. An interesting aspect is that seems to be almost constant in every analyzed curve. The last step of the thesis was to include the description of those colonies that don’t grow anymore after a certain amount of time and I did that writing a new equation for the number of cells.

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