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On these results we analysed also the shape that the interface water oil should be in order to reproduce the low transmitted intensity typical of the droplet’s centre. An accurate analysis over a wide range of the fluxes ratio =Q_oil/Q_water also the role of the so called “secondary peaks” is investigated and fingerprints for a detailed description of the transmitted intensity profile are provided. This, up to our knowledge, has not been investigated yet.

Sudden asthma attacks have been linked to thunderstorms in other countries. Times, Sunday Times (2016)The tech giant had come under attack for one reason. Times, Sunday Times (2016)If you look around we have got some very attacking players. Times, Sunday Times (2014)Be sure to sign up now and enter for a chance to win this great prize. The Sun (2014)The key to making it a success is making sure your house works as an office as well as a home. The Sun (2014)As sure as night follows day.

Giovedì 8 febbraio 2018 al Cost tornano Umberto e Rudy Smaila per Casa Smaila’s, il dinner show da cantare e vivere con gli amici con il sorriso sulle labbra. Umberto, Rudy ed i loro musicisti mettono in scena uno spettacolo ricco di improvvisazioni, ospiti e sorprese, dedicato ai grandi successi italiani dagli anni ’60 ad oggi. Alla cucina, davvero eccellente, pensa invece la brigata del Cost, uno dei pochi spazi milanesi e non solo in cui è possibile cenare alla carta godendosi anche un intrattenimento di qualità assoluta, perfetto un pubblico giovane e pure per un pubblico adulto.

The banks are getting their just deserts. Times, Sunday Times (2016)The area was deserted on the days we visited. Times, Sunday Times (2016)The forest had given way to desert. I remember everything about the precise second I learned of the Simon Rock shootings, as I glimpsed the headline through the window of a distribution box full of copies of BU student paper, The Daily Free Press, on my way home from somewhere been traveling, a long weekend, out of touch. That was my little college, that was my library Wang shot up, my best friend dorm, the music building where I studied harmony and theory with Agnes the Beauty Queen, the guard booth at the end of the driveway I go by on my way back late from moonlit drives on country roads in H old Volvo, driving by dims only, back in the beautiful days. I remember things tilting sideways there in front of Warren Towers everything shifted 20% as if I was starting to fall down, and a weird wide smile stretched across my face as if imposed on it by some kind of dental machine.

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