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Questo elaborato verranno richiamate le qualità del legno come materiale da costruzione e i vantaggi che le strutture realizzate con esso possono avere. Illustrata la normativa in materia, i metodi costruttivi offerti dal mercato, le diverse tipologie di materiali per la costruzione, e saranno infine confrontati due tipologie di edifici in base all’impatto ambientale dei materiali utilizzati. Di Agripolis Biblioteca “Pietro Arduino”Collocazione:TES 804Tipo di fruizione per il documento:consultazione / prestito / riproduzioneSolo per lo Staff dell Archivio:.

No. I closer to Wright.[4] But my problem with him isn his footnoting policy, with which I sympathetic. I rather see people engage with other scholars in the text, rather than putting half the book in footnotes. Santy here is used as a term of endearment in Italian could be Santina4) Passengers often suffered from seasickness, especially with strong winds from the north wind5) Castle Clinton or Fort Clinton or Castle Garden was a circular fort located in New York City in Battery Park, in the southern part of the island of Manhattan: from the mid nineteenth century, it was used as the first sorting center for the european immigration. The station was in operation until 1890, when the federal administration, under pressure of a second and more massive immigration wave coming from all the states of Europe, decided to open a more functional one in Ellis Island.John Bachmann. The Empire City, Birdseye View of New York and Environs, 18556) Fulton Ferry was the ferry that connected Brooklyn with New York and that remained in business until the construction of the famous bridge (1883)see more7) nowaday we translates slap up as but I imagine a place to eat an economic meal (originshere),the term is however associated with a quality positive as something very good, but it may also mean a trendy place.8) on the waterfront of BrooklynIn The English and Scottish Popular Ballads, in Child ballad 42 Clerck Colven (other titles Clerck Colvill or Earl Colvin) we find the same medieval ballad focused on the meeting between a knight about to marry and a fairy creature (or a jealous lover)SCOTTISH VERSION:CLERK COLVILL CHILD 42The ballad begins with a quarrel between boyfriends: the future bride beseeches him not to visit his lover,a washerwoman, just on the eve of their wedding!The knight denies any sexual involvement (normal administration!) but he is anxious to meet his lover again.For a comparison between the versions A, B, C see the analysis by Christian Souchon (here)They have an obvious sexual relationship (in the coded language of the time), but then the man complains about his headache, she gives him a strip of fabric (poisoned) and announces his imminent death (or poisoning him by giving him one last kiss).

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